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Windows Phone Design Day Tour Slide Decks & Resources

Download the November 2011 version of the PDF and other resource files from the Windows Phone Design Day.

We will continue to update this content so stay tunned. We will also formalize this content as an end-to-end course in the next few months - we are considering doing a high quality production in partnership with Channel 9 for example…

What a ride! After almost 2 months of visiting 10 cities in Western Europe (and our friends in South Africa) and delivering the Windows Phone Design Day, we are finally here in Amsterdam to catch our flight tomorrow Monday back to Seattle. I will be back in a week though - attending the Windows Phone Dev Camp in Copenhagen http://wpdevcamp.eventbrite.com/ at the Nokia offices. If you are in the area be sure to join us :)

In this blog post I want to share with you the link to the PDF files with slides that Corrina and I presented during the Windows Phone Design Day. We are also including Corrina’s Build session source files of her amazing Weather Watch app (I love it - celebrating typography ;) - as well as her walkthrough the creation of the end-to-end prototype in Expression Blend.

We will have links to the recorded sessions in different countries soon - we have the Windows Phone Design Day @ Barcelona event ready to go here (although my sessions are in spanish :) but Corrina’s sessions are in English).

Ping me if you have any questions or ideas :) I’m always available at @arturot and @corrinab is too.

Weather Watch

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  1. Rene Says:

    yeah! thanks a lot. greetings from hamburg, germany. rené

  2. Andrés Says:

    ¿Tienes esta misma información/post publicada en castellano para pasarla a mis compañeros de trabajo? A varios de nosotros nos interesa. Saludos.

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  4. tcpun Says:

    have been looking for the files. the recorded sessions were very helpful!

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