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Quick Update re: 31 “Weeks” of Windows Phone Metro Design Series

Hello! - Thank you so much EVERYONE for the amazing response to this series! - it just shows how much more design guidance is needed out there and we in the Design Studio will continue to put together articles and design resources for you. Thanks for all the articles, retweets and referrals to this series and for all your feedback!

I’m working on this week’s post #2 Windows Phone Design Process. I hope you enjoy it. I should be able to post it tomorrow Sunday PM.

As I mentioned in the first post, I’ll do my best to finish the series before 31 weeks :) I know the 31 number in “weeks” is now arbitrary - the goal of the 31 Day format as I learned this week is to post everyday for a month (duh!). I thought whether I should scale down my posts and make them more like little design tips so I could post daily vs longer deep articles and I’m opting for the longer/deeper articles that just take more time to craft but that at this point I think will be much more helpful for everyone - I think deeper design guidance is needed vs just little tips. At the end we’ll end with a super solid end-to-end series on Windows Phone design.

Also, after 31 weeks I might just even pack all posts together and publish a free e-book for all of you to download :) How’s that?!

5 Responses to “Quick Update re: 31 “Weeks” of Windows Phone Metro Design Series”

  1. CK Says:

    Cool man if there is a free ebook that compile all week’s post!!!

  2. James Ashley Says:

    Definitely deeper articles, please. I’m more than happy to wait a month at a time to get more posts like the first in this series.

  3. Kai Brummund Says:

    Deeper knowledge is more awsome. :)
    I like the weekly format, althaugh I’ve been checking this page every day since your first post on this series.

  4. Matheus Says:

    Sounds amazing! Thanks for the effort and grettings from Brazil!

  5. Stefan Vogt Says:

    Please, don’t scale down the articles. They are wonderful the way they are. Thank you, thank you!

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