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Visiting Northern Europe November 5th-16th

UPDATE: Want to meet with us in Sweden or Finland?

Happy to share with you that Alejandro and I will be spending the first week in Sweden (Oredev) and the second week in Helsinki. In Helsinki we will participate as mentors in the worldwide Windows 8 hackathon event WOWZAPP and spend a couple days with Finish startups - very excited!

We are still available on Monday 12th and Thursday 15th - let us know if you have any user group session we can help host. Let us know too if you are in the area and need some design/UX consulting for your Windows 8 or Windows Phone apps.


I wanted to let you guys know that my brother Alejandro and I will be speaking at Oredev in Malmö, Sweden from November 5th to 9th. We will be delivering a session on Skeumorphism vs Modernism design (a hot topic in the industry these days!) as well as an end to end session on how to design Windows Phone apps. If you will be at Oredev please drop us a note - we would love to meet with you and chat! If you are not - we will be providing some of this information in upcoming events so stay tuned :)

Need some Metro design consulting in Western Europe?

We will be available all week of November 12th to 16th to provide Windows 8 and Windows Phone design and UX consulting in Northern Europe and Western.

We can meet and work with you and your team for 1/2 day, a full day, or more up to your needs. We can also gladly accommodate to present a 1 day Windows 8 and Windows Phone design seminar and workshop to your design and/or development team.

We can also do a design review of your Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps. Our PCs, pencils, markers and sketchbooks are coming with us! We will be able to do extensive live sketching and storyboarding for your apps!

By the end of our work session we will be able to leave you with high fidelity comps and a number of sketches and wireframes so you can quickly implement in your applications.


We are offering a special low rate given we are already booked for Oredev and will be close to you. Let us know if we can help you :) Drop me a note to email1.png or send me a tweet! :)


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