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Lynda.com Silverlight Essentials Training now available… for FREE!

As I mentioned in a previous post, we’ve partnered with Lynda.com to produce a full 5 hour series on Silverlight 1.0. The video series is now available! The presenter is Mike Harsh, Program Manager in the Silverlight team. Mike did a terrific job on this one covering the very basics of Silverlight and all the way to more intermediate and advanced topics. Mike has a development background so this series are great for developers however, he does a great job explaining concepts in a way that interactive designers who do some Javascript coding, will also find these videos useful. He even has some specific chapters focused on Designers.

Lynda.com has made this full series available in her website. You can even get the assets to follow along. In addition, Lynda.com had already made their Blend 1 and Design 1 series available for FREE. Expression Web is also available for subscribers… so susbcribe now! or if you want to keep the video series next to you all the time just get the DVD!


These are the general topics covered in the series:

1. Understanding Silverlight
2. Discovering Silverlight Experiences
3. Silverlight Tools: Expression and Visual Studio
4. Getting Started with XAML, JavaScript, and HTML
5. Advanced XAML
6. Advanced JavaScript Techniques for Silverlight
7. Asset Preparation for Designers
8. Working with Media in Silverlight
9. Creating a Media Player with Silverlight
10. Creating Programmatic Animations
11. Silverlight Deployment
12. Conclusion

From Lynda.com: Mike Harsh is the program manager on the Silverlight team at Microsoft. In Silverlight Essential Training, he gives viewers an insider’s look into this powerful application. Mike teaches each step in the process of building interactive web applications using Silverlight, including how to add video, animations, and interactive features such as drag-and-drop functionality. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

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