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24 Weeks of Windows Phone Metro Design

The PDF version of the series is now available!

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1 Metro Design Principles and Metro Design Language 

2 The Design Process of a Windows Phone app

3 Ideation & Concept

4 Hub & Spoke Navigation Model

5 Choosing between Panorama, Pivot and Pages

6 Information Architecture in a Windows Phone App

7 Designing Panoramas

8 Layout and Composition in Windows Phone - Part I

9 Layout and Composition in Windows Phone - Part II

10 Layout and Composition in Windows Phone - Part III

11 Windows Phone Design Grid

12 Use of Images and Photography

13 Touch Gestures

14 Using the Windows Phone App Bar

15 Designing Windows Phone Icons

16 Typography

17 Motion Catalog in Windows Phone

18 Creating backgrounds for Panoramas

19 Tips for Designing Tiles

20 Helvetica

21 Touch Targets

22 Orientation - portrait, landscape left, landscape right

23 Improving Perceived Performance

24 Pushing Metro Further with Design Inspiration


Hello! - I’m working on this weeks post on Windows Phone Design Process. I hope you enjoy it. I should be able to post it tomorrow Sunday PM. As I mentioned in the first post, I’ll do my best to finish the series before 31 weeks :) I know the 31 number in “weeks” is now arbitrary - the goal of the 31 Day format as I learned this week is to post everyday for a month. I thought whether I should scale down my posts and make them more like little nuggets of content vs longer deep articles and I’m opting for the longer/deeper articles that just take more time to craft. I think at the end we’ll end with a super solid end-to-end series on Windows Phone design. I’m thinking at the end I’ll even just pack all posts together and publish a free e-book for all of you to download :) How’s that?!


Happy New Year 2012!

Inspired by the 31 Days of Windows Phone (Development) from Jeff Blankenburg I was like, hey, why not do a series on Windows Phone Metro Design?

Let me set expectations: even if I tried I would not be able to post everyday :) but I will try to do it once a week (or more when possible). Why not call it 31 Weeks of Windows Phone Design? (it would sound too lame…). Well, I will call it 31 weeks so I don’t confuse people thinking I’ll post everyday.

Second, I really need to get a hold of the 31 Day format because as you will see in this post I went long :) I’ve noticed 31 Day formats are much shorter. I’m open for feedback on format and content! please drop me notes here in my blog or send me an email to arturot (@ microsoft.com). Note this is not a training course. If you are looking for more training and reference content check out this post on The Ultimate Windows Phone Design and UX Resource List.